v0.69a - small update (13th july 2020)
  • been wanting to finish this game for ages so picked it up again
  • tweaking the ui so tabs expand on bigger screens

  • v0.69 - small update (16th may 2018)
  • fixed mutation point spending on shrink
  • cooldown timer fixed
  • thanks itsme0 for reporting these

  • v0.68 - small update (15th may 2018)
  • SSL Certificate fixed
  • removed the home page
  • attack has had a minor update
  • fixed couple of typos

  • v0.67 Release Notes - dec 2017
  • Fixed attack so it display targets better
  • Fixed game reset button
  • Fixed clickstorm timer glitch

  • v0.66 Release Notes - dec 2017
  • achievements added
  • achievements give chance of crit (x2 bloblets each level)

  • v0.65 Release Notes - dec 2017
  • Toggle button for Logs switcher
  • tab

  • progress bar high numbers changed
  • more stats added
  • Evolution started

  • v0.64 Release Notes - Dec 2017
  • Mutation has been updated..
  • includes 27 Perks which can be upgraded
  • old perks will have mutation points refunded
  • tab
  • slightly nicer formating to numbers on progress bar.
  • Tooltips fixed for brown goo onwards.
  • Fixed - old mutation variable left in code which was causing a halt (Thanks Lillegutt1968)
  • couple of miner bug fixes.

  • v0.63 Release Notes - Dec 2017
  • Changes made so game works better on tablets and mobiles.

  • v0.62 Release Notes - Dec 2017
  • Game now handles catching up when coming back from being tabbed out better..
  • Xmas event random present bug fixed.
  • Fixed bug stopping play after mutating (thanks Norhede) for reporting.
  • Fixed multi xmas present bug (thanks leandrebs) for reporting

  • v0.61 Release Notes - Dec 2017
  • Attack now works again.
  • Collection bonus added for attack

  • v0.6 Release Notes - Dec 2017
  • you can no longer get duplicate popups.
  • Additional Collections Added
  • basic clickstorm boosts added
  • Xmas collection active during december

  • v0.59 Release Notes - Nov 2017
  • Clickstorm upgrade buttons fixed.
  • Shrink replaced with a new system that saves through mutations now.

  • v0.58 Release Notes

    So many changes have happened since the last release that the game will require a savegame reset. this will not overwrite your v0.57 savefile so you will still be able to play that seperately.

    General Changes
    The game now plays when the tab is not the active tab.
    When the game is not active the tabname will show the number of banked bloblets
    not Active

    When clickstorm, collection or attack have an active element on the tab, the name in the menu will turn green.
    The base numbers on Goo and the level up bars have all been changed to hopefully balance the Goo and level up more.

    Goo Upgrade Changes
    All goo has now been updated to the upgrade method used on Click Goo in v0.57 with icon buttons instead of just an upgrade button.
    The maximum number of any Goo type is currently 100 (will add upgrades in the future)
    4 more goo levels have been added (Purple, Brown, Navy and Olive)
    Goo now only appears when 1 of the previous goo have been purchased.

    Clickstorm Changes
    Clickstorm has been changed completely. you no longer sacrifice Goo for upgrading the clickstorm elements. you now have a timer which counts down and can be activated when available. You will be able to add boosts to these to speed them up. tab

    Shrink Changes
    you can still shrink before your top level but you now receive a penalty equivalent to the current level.
    At your blob level this become free.
    If you allow the blob to shrink naturally then you receive a bloblets bonus

    Mutation Changes
    A mutation tree has now been added which will unlock bonuses which you can spend your mutation points on.
    Iinitially there will be 4 tiers which unlock the more times you mutate which offer greater perks.
    this release will have limited perks available but more will be added.

    UI Changes
    The middle column will now expand in size a little if your resolution allows.
    Bloblets storage upgrade button changed.